Why Engineered Oak Floors Are Superior

If you love the look and feel of wood and would like to renovate your home with this in mind, you may be better off thinking about an engineered solution instead of the traditional approach. How can you achieve the same objective with this type of floor, and why is it a better approach all around?

Engineered Versus Solid

There is no doubt that wood can give your home a tremendous amount of character and warmth. Yet a traditional wood floor may be quite difficult to install, could be temperamental and might not last as long as you would hope. In this case, you should look at engineered oak alternatives instead, as these are specially made to ensure durability and to cut down on maintenance costs.

Layered Approach

As you may know, engineered wood is made from a number of individual layers joined together, rather than one solid piece. This approach ensures that it is more durable and stable, especially in high traffic areas. This type of floor will work well in a variety of different conditions, is able to deal with a certain amount of humidity and can expand or contract as needed. This is the critical difference between solid wood and engineered oak.


You will find that engineered wood is relatively simple to install due to the way that it is manufactured. This will cut down on the amount of time taken when you employ a professional fitter and should lead to less overall disruption to your schedule.


Above all else, engineered wood can be expected to last for a long time. Certainly, it may still be vulnerable to high traffic and may pick up scuff marks or damage from time to time, but this is relatively easy to deal with. Remember, engineered wood is made up of a number of different layers and, as such, the top layer can be sanded down and refinished with relative ease.


Engineered wood comes in a variety of different styles, and you're sure to find something that suits the look and feel of your home. If you want that dark, warm and traditional look, then you have a number of options, but if you want to go for contemporary style, you will also be well served.

Best Choice

Have a close look at engineered oak flooring for your renovation project and weigh up the advantages before you make your decision. 

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