How Engineered Oak Flooring Is Better Than The Real Thing For Many Australians

Oak is a very popular type of hardwood flooring that has been used for centuries due to its strength, natural beauty and how easy it was to harvest it in the past. However, as you might have guessed by that phrasing, oak is not as simple to get your hands on anymore, and prices have gone shooting up because of it. While oak is still a popular type of wood, the real thing has become unattainable for most Australian families. That is why engineered oak flooring can be better for many Australian's than the actual real thing is. 

What Is Engineered Oak Flooring?

Engineered oak is made by adding a real bit of hardwood oak on top of layers of different wooden materials, mostly ply. By doing this you save on the cost that you would incur by buying a full oak plank, while still getting the exact same tactile feel of it on your floors. Engineered oak flooring also has several inherent structural benefits over real oak that can be very valuable for your house that does not just revolve around the price, although it bears mentioning again that this price is quite a bit lower.

Easy Installation

Because engineered oak is a human-made construction, it is created so that it has specific grooves and patterns in it that make it quite simple to lay down. Instead of being quite unwieldy and slow to use like the real oak is, engineered oak flooring can be laid down all over your house in a matter of hours. It also means that if there is any issue with any part of your flooring and you need to pull up the engineered oak that you can do so without a massive fuss. This is one of the major benefits of modern flooring as opposed to traditional styles that were far slower a process.


While there are different natural types of oak flooring, if you want to buy some of them, you would be looking at spending thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, for rarer patterns and colour variations. Engineered oak flooring can be made to look like whatever type of oak you want, from rich, dark brown colours to the pale and almost white oak that looks like fine sand. These customisation options are a big drawcard for those looking to make their home look a million dollars on a tight budget!

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