4 Reasons Many Homeowners Choose to Invest in Timber Flooring Today

From an aesthetic appeal that is hard to match with any other flooring to improved resale value and more, there's so much to love about timber floors. Despite being one of the oldest forms of flooring, timber is a top flooring material for many modern homeowners for several good reasons. Here are four reasons timber flooring is a top preference for homeowners today.

True Durability 

If you are looking for a durable flooring option, it's critical to consider a timber floor. Once installed, the floor will last several decades. No one wants to invest in flooring that will wear or lose its functionality before its expected lifespan. The durability of the timber floor is indisputable, especially when it's professionally installed and properly maintained.

Unmatched Decor 

One of the top reasons timber floors are popular is their warmth and timeless appeal. They provide a beautiful finish due to their natural colours. These natural colours will not compromise your home's interior decor and accessories.

The lighter timber shades provide a sleek look in contemporary homes, while the darker shades are great in traditional builds that outline sophistication and elegance. Whatever shade you choose, timber can create the perfect style to match your taste while harmoniously contrasting the hues and shades of your decor.

Exceptional Comfort 

With a naturally warm vibe and low thermal conductivity, timber floors will add a sense of cosiness to any room. Also, the floors are much more comfortable to walk on. A timber floor will keep your feet warmer on cold days and refreshingly more relaxed on hot summer days. And since it is created by nature, the floor provides a relaxed, comfortable environment, turning any house into a comfortable home.

Easy Upkeep and Hygiene 

A solid timber floor is incredibly hardwearing and easy to clean. All it requires is regular cleaning with a soft brush and occasional vacuuming. That gives you more peace of mind, especially if you have young children and pets in your home.

Furthermore, you can easily refinish your floor to remove the damaged layer. Doing this restores the timber to its original state and exposes a fresh new layer. Also, unlike the carpeted floors, timber floors do not hold on to dust, parasites, allergy-producing spores, or pet dander, making them suitable for allergic people.

There are many reasons to invest in timber floor, as seen above. From colours and styles to different species and staining, the floor has endless options that you need to experience. All you need is a quality installation to get a floor that will never go out of style.

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