Why Vinyl Planks Are Becoming More And More Popular

Flooring is a core element for any building, and there are several different features that most households will look at before making their choice on which type they should get. For most people, the price is going to have a significant impact on any choice they make, but it is more than just about finding the cheapest possible flooring option. More and more budget options are now focused on providing a good and sustainable flooring surface that a busy family can use for years without worrying about it falling apart underfoot. Here are three reasons why vinyl planks fall into that category.


While everyone knows that some vinyl flooring options are going to cost less than their counterparts, many people don't realise that they actually are far easier to maintain as the years go by. While wood will need to be refinished every few years and tiles can easily crack and buckle due to the flexing of your building, vinyl planks really do not face any common problems within a normal home environment. They are water-resistant, very hard to stain and have an exceptionally strong resistance to scratching and bunching up, which puts them as one of the easiest flooring types to look after. 


In the past, vinyl flooring options were bought more for their low price and while that has remained, the variety of choices available now is truly staggering. Vinyl planks can mimic almost any type of timber you can think of, and the grain looks so natural that it can be hard to tell whether it is vinyl or timber until you are right on top of it. While it will not fool someone while they are walking over it, it does provide an upgrade in quality to what budget flooring shoppers are used to, and this sets it apart from the rest of the market in which it operates.

Quick Installation

Vinyl planks are well known for being one of the simplest forms of flooring to install. They do not need to be glued or attached to the underfloor in any way and lock into place with surrounding planks with ease. Many people even end up installing them on their own, but for those who are not confident in their ability, you can always still use professionals who will make sure it is done quickly. Unlike timber flooring, tiles or even carpet that can take days, if not longer, vinyl planks can be done in hours. To learn more, contact a vinyl plank flooring service. 

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Flooring is a core element for any building, and there are several different features that most households will look at before making their choice on